A Careeer as a Counselor: The Career Theory Integrative Life Planning Essay

A Careeer as a Counselor: The Career Theory Integrative Life Planning Essay

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As I expand my knowledge in the different counseling approaches, my values appropriately fit in with the humanistic theoretical orientation. The career theory Integrative Life Planning (ILP) also resonates in my future ambitions as a counselor. I am very interested in working with high school and/or college students and helping them successfully prepare for their future. The holistic approach has stood out to me from the start of the program and has been useful in my personal life. My goal is to help the student/client to be able to discover their own personal motivations and self-satisfaction within them, as well as a way to benefit society. My role as a counselor is to assist the student in organizing their personal skills, work values, and career interests as a start to finding an ideal work environment. With some guidance, this will empower the student to appreciate that they have options to do what they truly enjoy. I have known many students that do not have guidance in creating a successful future. Accord to the Gates Foundation study, only 7 of 10 U.S. students are graduating within the four years they are in high school (Corbett, G. A. & Huebner, T. A.. 2007). These students do not have reason to be motivated in discovering their ambitions. The quote that inspired me in my career journey is, “Choose a job you love, and
you will never have to work a day in your life,” by Confucius.
As students, we do not always think about what the world needs. ILP and humanistic therapy allow the individual to become aware of their whole self. They are able to put their talents together in a successful and meaningful way. It is important to start thinking about these life tasks in high school to help avoid possible disappointments of f...

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...was not covered, we will also go through that. Students will be provided with handouts for future reference. Students will be reminded that there is only one session left.
Session Ten: Evaluation. The last session will include reflecting on the past nine sessions and discussing what they have learned about themselves and how they can apply it to their future. Students will discuss thoughts and fears about the future and what has changed throughout this process. The importance of confidentiality will be stress again and students will complete a post-test, with the same statements from the pre-test to compare views. I would like to end the session with a mindfulness imagery exercise. This exercise will allow the student to get go of any stress they feel about life after high school. The students will be able to do this exercise on their own whenever stresses arise.

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