A California Local Basketball Team Essay

A California Local Basketball Team Essay

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A California local basketball team called Richmond Oilers is the worst team in which no players exhibit any respect to each other and have no discipline to act. They only won 4 games last season and lost the rest of all games. With the retirement of the former coach, Ken Carter, who played for this school in 70s and held several school record, takes over the head coaching job position. Upon the arrival, he obligates that all players who want to stay in the team must sign in a contract with him which states that they must meet the academic success by attending to all classes, sit in the front row, wear dress shirts and ties on game days and no late to the practice. In order to enforce this contract, he punishes players who disobeys the rules by doing exercises like doing hundreds of push-up and suicides.
Coach Carter soon sees the obstacles from many aspects, including players, their parents and even the school faculties. A players named Cruz, who is a drug dealer outside the school, refused to sign in the contract and wanted to fight with carter. Many other student athletes do not meet the requirement of attending the class. Their parents anger about the contract that Carter offers and even the school faculties are not willing to provide the academic progress reports to him.
However, under the coaching of Carter, these kids learn how to act properly and he brings the team back the track of victory with 16-0 to win the title of a local tournament. But when everyone is enjoying about the achievements they make on the court, Carter shuts off the gym. Many of the players do not meet the academic goals that Carter sets for them. These catches a lot of media attention to criticize that Carter does not have any authority to d...

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... debates with others who do not understand his rationale. He wants all players in his team can be more successful. Fourth, he is a good learner. He is good at adapting. When the board decides to reopen the gym, he is happy and allow the player to study in the gym. Fifth, he is a good mentor. Carter was once a student in Richmond. He shares his experience with players. Tell them something is more important than just playing ball. All of these factors eventually make him a good coach and gain the respect from all athlete.
C. Connection to real life. This scene is very realistic. A good coach-athlete relationship is so important for a team to success. Coach is like the captain that leads the ship sail in the ocean. Like what carter says at the beginning of this movie that all players in the team has no problem with their skills but only need a good coach can help them.

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