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John Lennon once said,” We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first, rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity,” whether this claim is true or not, the world will never know. The Beatles were, however, one of the most influential groups of all time and paved the way for many others to follow in their path.
Since I was a little kid, I remember my parents always listening to music. Music has always a part of my life growing up. My parents listen to all kinds of different genres of music from Pink Floyd, Jimmy Buffett, Bruce to the Beatles. Both my mom and dad have told me that one of their favorite bands of all time is the Beatles an they remember listening to it as kids and still enjoy it today. They play their music all the time around the house, especially my mom who always has the radio on. The first real memory I have of when I first got interested in the Beatles was around the age 6 or 7. I was in the car going to beach with my sister, Maddie, and my dad over the summer break. My dad plugged in his sleek black iPod into the radio and we started listening to a Classic Rock. The song, Born to Run, had just finished playing and then the next song started to play, it was Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. I became enraptured by their voices and their harmony. My sister and I instantly started to hum along with the playful chorus of the song. We enjoyed the song even though we thought it was really silly. We liked it so much that we asked my dad to play it over and over again. Then I asked him what the name of the band singing Yellow Submarine was. He told us the band was famous, and they had been around forever even when he was a kid. He then said they called themselves The Beatles. My sister and I thought that wa...

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...s my parents love music, I doubt they would have been ok with that. All of their parents focused on academics a lot. They did let them go, and it made a huge difference. There they turned into a great band. At the time Hamburg wasn’t really a great place to be. In the early 60’s, Hamburg was a very bad city. Hamburg had a street called Reeperbahn which had more strip clubs than any street in the world. Hamburg also had a really high crime rate because all the gangs from Berlin moved to Hamburg due to the Berlin Wall (Davies 80.)

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