A Brief Note On Work Related Issues On The Work Environment Essay

A Brief Note On Work Related Issues On The Work Environment Essay

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Work Related Issues
In the work environment, she may have a different belief or attitude that can affect the way she gets along with supervisor as this can be a problem in the work environment. She does not show much ambition and may be makes unpredictable decisions; she tends to put her own interest first and becomes defensive when criticized. Although not showing much ambition in the work place she is a reliable worker and effortlessly accepts small roles, she does not like to take on too much responsibility. She is a humble person in the work place but every now and then complains. She is cautious and avoids taking risks. She prefers to do things the traditional way and doesn’t deviate from it, this makes her very dependable in the workplace allowing her to complete tasks assigned to her in an orderly fashion. When it comes to taking charge she has the leadership skills it takes to work effectively and from time to time she takes on a great deal of stress and pressure effectively and somewhat reassures herself she is doing things right. She is neither assertive nor aggressive in the work environment and she is appreciative of others. She tries hard to get along with her co-workers; she looks problems from a practical and commonsense standpoint.
She has no medical problems but she does face developing certain illnesses that can be traced back in her family. She is family oriented and is very sociable, she finds enjoyment when meeting new people. Most of the time she may have low energy and lack enthusiasm causing her to become overwhelmed with stress. She blames herself when things go wrong and often perceives others as better than her. She doubts herself tremendously and when things go wrong she isolates herself. She i...

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...use it will encourage her. Giving her encouragement will allow her to gain some self-confidence allowing her to be more of a leader and not be such a people pleaser. This type of therapy will set certain goals, “Adlerian goals are not aimed at deciding for clients what they should change about themselves” (Watts, R. E., & Pietrzak, D. 2000). This therapy will help her make decisions for herself rather than letting people around her decide her actions. She will help become an independent individual, she will be able to be okay with the fact that every action she makes is not because she was told to do so but because she had the choice.

If she does either of these therapies, she will have a much more positive outlook on life and feel less stressed. Change takes time and with the time and dedication she will be able to find meaning in her life and let more people in.

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