A Brief Note On Transnational Organizations And Corporations Essay

A Brief Note On Transnational Organizations And Corporations Essay

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Alaina Tillman
Professor Placide
SYP 2450 – MWF: 10:00-10:50
21 April 2016
Final Paper
Panama: Transnational Organizations and Corporations
Transnational corporations are starting to be more involved in politics all around the world each and every day. Transnational corporations may both end with either a positive or negative result, depending on how the countries handle it responsibly. As a result of more dynamics in regards to politics, there is a continuous creation and arrival of transnational companies that offer products and services to the Panamanian market. The main areas where these dynamics take place include: La Chorrera, Arraiján, San Miguelito and Panama City; which are the areas where the announcement of operations are made, which is the basic step when one starts an international business. The material needed to conduct this paper was done through research on three journal articles as primary and secondary sources. This paper discusses the consequences, and the potential benefits transnational corporations could have on Panama and other developing countries if the system is not handled appropriately. In Panama currently, transnational corporations are affecting the country for the most part in a negative manner through the process of making the developing country more viable to consequences and mishaps to occur. Although, along with consequences come potential benefits that could happen if the system is utilized appropriately and responsibly.
Transnational corporations (TNCs) are incorporated or unincorporated enterprises comprising parent enterprises and their foreign affiliates. Transnational corporations have abused Panama for many of the amenities that the region could provide to the company. The region’s sy...

... middle of paper ...

...lization could help bring people together and connect the world, through these transnational corporations it has been challenging Panama to develop technologies and adapt to changes in order to thrive as a developing country. Panama needs to place limitations and restrictions on transnational organizations in order to prevent the occurrence of negative consequences, and experience positive outcomes.

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