Essay on A Brief Note On Tourists With American Children

Essay on A Brief Note On Tourists With American Children

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Tourists with American Children
These days all over the news, we can hear about the immigration issues in the United States of America. The issue that had been mentioned by most of the 2016 Presidential candidate especially Republican candidate, Donald Trump. The 14th amendment grants citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States,” (US Cons.), and that is what causes the birth tourism or in other word anchor baby. As definition “"Birth Tourism,"[is] the practice by which foreign women travel to the US to give birth to their babies and grant them the American citizenship.” (Quintana), and the term “"Anchor baby" has become a term used by anti-immigration proponents to evoke images of unauthorized immigrants crossing the American border solely to give birth”. (Ormande)
Every year, United States hosts about 36,000 tourists that are willing to give birth in the soil of the United States. These tourists mostly are from China and Taiwan and in follow we can also add Korea, Nigeria, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, and The U.S.-Mexico Border. (Feere) Chinese give birth to their children in the United States to build them a good opportunity for life and specifically education. Also if some mother wanted to “[give] birth to their second child in China, they likely would have faced fines equal to $40,000 for violation of the country’s “one-child policy.”” (Sheehan) which makes another reason for them to give birth to their children in the United States. Reports show that the Los Angeles is the top delivery destination for these pregnant woman from Korea, China, and Taiwan. (Feere) That is because the closest largest city from China is the City of Los Angeles. Thus, then can go back and forth to China and Un...

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...n of foreign ambassadors, diplomats, and the tourists as well because they haven’t pledge their allegiances to the United States of America. Providing that, Supreme Court has the power to restate this amendment as they did in the case Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), which they stated that segregation is constitutional, and later on in the case Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954), they stated the same topic, segregation, is unconstitutional. (Supreme Court.)
As a final point, the only solution for the birth tourism is the decision of the Supreme Court. U.S Citizenship should not get harder to come by, and there is no necessary problem with the fourteenth amendment. As was previously stated, only Supreme Court should restate the meaning of this amendment to the public, and they should emphasize more on the word “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” (US Const.)

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