Essay on A Brief Note On The Working Against Failure

Essay on A Brief Note On The Working Against Failure

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Working Against Failure

Role: My role is that of someone who has procrastinated and has seen other people procrasrinate as well as witnessed the results of procrastination.
Purpose: To state some of the causes, consequences and possible solutions of procrastination.
Audience: Students who feel that procrastination is the easy way out or feel that there is no way to work around procrastination.

Having two important assignments with the same due date can be a tad bit stressful and overwhelming. Looking at the bright side you get a whole seven days to complete both assignments and you already have all your ideas mapped put for each assignment. Suddenly you remember that the new season of your favorite show was just added to Netflix and you must watch it a.s.a.p. You decide you’ll binge watch the show and postpone your assignments until you’re finished with your show, 12 episodes shouldn’t take longer than 2 days max. During the course of the week you get distracted by other tasks and completely push your school work aside. Fast forward to the night before due date, you’re sitting at your desk staring at a blank computer screen. All that crosses your mind is “once again procrastination got the best of me once again!”
Lack of motivation or organization of important tasks or assignments is referred to as procrastination. The majority of procrastinators are students in both high school and college. There are a lot of factors that cause students to put off or delay beginning an assignment or task, a major one being social media. According to Mrs. Wood, a CPD 150 professor at Phoenix College, “There are lots of good things about social media, but one of the downfalls is that students spend way too much time looking at their phones and ...

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...d grades are things we should avoid at all costs. We can learn from all this that distractions are the biggest issue, therefore we should designate a secluded study area and hide any gadgets that will throw us off course. If working with a laptop for example, make sure to avoid using the internet if not necessary or try to use a public computer. A personal planner can be of very much help when dealing with multiple classes. Planning at least a whole month ahead and appointing times for different tasks can help you stay on track. Assign certain hours a week for school work, personal time and rest. Having your days planned out can reduce immense amounts of stress as well as keep you on track with your at school and at home. Procrastination doesn’t have to take over our lives if we don’t allow it, because just as we set our own goals only we can work to accomplish them.

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