A Brief Note On The Wind Turbine Power Essay

A Brief Note On The Wind Turbine Power Essay

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Wind turbine power is one of solutions to overcome energy crisis in Japan. Nowadays, Japan struggle with electrical shortage because of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster. On March 11th 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit Japan, which triggered other earthquakes, tidal waves and the nuclear disaster. After the disaster the surrounding countryside was found to be contaminated, and it will be radioactive for decades to come(Huong et al. 2011). It was a catastrophic disaster and it strengthened public opinion against about conducting nuclear power plants. According to Portugal Pereira(2014), over half of nuclear power plants shut down after the disaster, and the share of nuclear power in the total power generation sharply decreased from 26% to 2% in one year. It was a rapid decline and it provoked energy-supply crisis in Japan. Furthermore, significance of bioenergy has increased because of global warming. Therefore, new environmentally-friendly energy is necessary to overcome this energy crisis. It is expected that energy-supply can be covered by the wind power. Although wind turbine power has some disadvantages, it is well known for one of renewable energy. Wind turbine power will spread by the growth of technology, government subsidies, and government energy policy. Wind turbine power is one of renewable energy which generates electricity by winds. This essay will first explain disadvantages and advantages of wind turbine power in Japan. It will then examine how to expand the utilization of wind turbine power.

Although Japan demands new sustainable energy, wind turbine power has not been perceived as reliable energy yet, because of some disadvantages which are geographical restriction and technological restrictions. Firstly, J...

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...ed to decline of 30% electricity. In addition to this, significance of global warming has sharply increased. Therefore, environmentally friendly energy is necessary in Japan. Wind turbine power is one of sustainable energy. However, it has some disadvantages which are geographical and technological restrictions. It is expected that they can be overcame by the growth of technology. In fact, there are many advanced technology for wind turbine power in Japan. One of them is Intelligent Wind Power Unit which is invented by Kanemoto in 2010. To expand wind turbine power, government subsidization for bioenergy and taxation for fossil fuels are crucial factors. Because of them, people utilize bioenergy instead of fossil fuels. When wind exists, it will contribute for energy crisis in Japan. Japanese weather is suitable for wind turbine power, and wind is unlimited resource.

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