A Brief Note On The Victim 's Rights Essay

A Brief Note On The Victim 's Rights Essay

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Victim’s Rights
Over the past 100 years, the celebration of rights in the United States has been no small accomplishment. All these years later and it is still something that this country as a whole can be proud of. From women’s rights to African Americans gaining rights, it has been marked as an impressionable and praised time in history and has brought numerous positive impacts and changes that have helped people with this positive life changes. Positive life changes were also provided to crime victims when they began to gain rights and be able to take a stand. The emergence of crime victim’s rights, just as many others before them, did not occur over night or with opposition and bumps in the road. The journey to have these rights provided began in the 1970’s, with major progress and promise beginning in 1980’s with the help from United States President, Ronal Regan and further support from other important political figures. While there were set backs in making this an official federal constitutional amendment, it did not stop the success with other federal laws being passes as well as states being able to make amendments to their own constitution. There are many aspects of the government, criminal justice system, and other courtroom workgroup individuals who have had to undergo significant changes. Because of these changes and the addition of rights for crime victims, they have been able to take advantage of benefits to make what they are going through more tolerable. While there was still a long road traveled for victims to be able to have such rights and there are still critics who see faults as well, it does not take away the fact that these rights have forever changed the many levels criminal justice system and government...

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...by the states individually. Although a constitutional amendment could not be made, the federal government did pass the Crime Victim Rights Act as a compromise.
Before the importance of victim’s rights was brought to the table and changes officially made, crime victims were often left in the dark about their case. Commonly, they were not protected in any way and they were treated with no compassion or sympathy often making their already tough experiences even more difficult. There also was nothing in place to guarantee the victim the right to read a victim impact statement at certain parts during this trial process (Davis). It was common for the defense to refuse this statement to the victim, as it could cause the jury to side more with the victim as opposed to the defendant. This was essentially taking away the victims voice and chance to be heard, it was belittling

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