A Brief Note On The Tobacco Saves Lives Essay

A Brief Note On The Tobacco Saves Lives Essay

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Smokeless tobacco saves lives
When it comes to some people 's opinion about tobacco they just think it is all terrible; however, many doctors have proven that it is not the case with smokeless tobacco. There are people in the world who say smokeless tobacco is awful because it causes mouth cancer, tooth loss, and gum disease because they have listened to the anti-tobacco corporations and the incorrect warning labels. There are also doctors and businesses in several countries that have proven that it does not cause any of these medical problems. Instead of people assuming that they should cut out all tobacco products, they should try to educate themselves in the benefits of chewing tobacco. In the end people will find that smokeless tobacco is safer than smoking.
Users of smokeless tobacco do not have any excess risks for mouth cancer over nonusers. Many people in this country have listened to the anti-tobacco corporations saying for years that all tobacco products cause mouth cancer, while the corporations are correct in saying smoking causes mouth cancer because it is in fact the leading driver of mouth cancer, they are incorrect in saying smokeless tobacco causes mouth cancer. According to Brad Rodu, a renowned oral pathologist who has studied the benefits of smokeless tobacco over smoking for twenty years, “The risk of mouth cancer among smokeless tobacco users is extremely low – certainly lower than the risk of smoking-related diseases among smokers.” Dr. Rodu says in his interview with the CEO and founder of Mud Jug, Darcy Compton, that smoking actually causes ninety percent of mouth cancer, after that is drinking alcohol, HIV, even eating an apple and chewing tobacco. In fact, according to Dr. Rodu, chewing tobacco’s risks...

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...ease, but have they ever asked where the evidence is to back up those statements? The anti-tobacco corporations show nonsmoking commercials all of the time with people laying down dead in the street; why is the same money not put towards smokeless tobacco if it is so dangerous? So why does this matter, why does anyone care that the corporations have been telling everyone wrong; because these corporations have been telling smokers for years that they just have to quit, and for the people who can not they are just screwed out of luck. The corporations have not told anyone that they can use smokeless tobacco instead of smoking as a less harmful option for the people around them receiving second hand smoke and for themselves, if the corporations told people to try smokeless tobacco as a better option it could save hundreds of lives just by asking them to make the switch.

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