Essay about A Brief Note On The Television And Movie Companies

Essay about A Brief Note On The Television And Movie Companies

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Statement of the Problem
The television and movie companies are undertaking widespread technological change resulting from changing market conditions, diverging consumer demand, changing revenue models, and increasing operating costs (Adda & Ottaviani, 2005). The two business units typically undergoing infrastructure changes include
1. Production Unit: Responsible for the creation and manipulation of content (Adda & Ottaviani, 2005).
2. Distribution department: Responsible for delivering the content to outlets, such as theaters, televisions, radio, and Internet appliances, such as computers, game consoles, tablets, and mobile phones (Adda & Ottaviani, 2005).
The general statement of the problem. Leading the controlled introduction of emerging technology and workflows to facilitate productivity improvements, implement innovative products and services, and control costs is a major challenge for media company managers (Hoehn, 2012)
The specific statement of the problem. Businesses have difficulty responding to rapidly changing market conditions by using a reactive approach of deploying new technologies, executed with limited planning, training, and organization acceptance, which may produce quality issues, overhead increases (Alimurung, 2012; Hoehn, 2012), or an inability to realize savings from innovation (Shih, 2012).
Purpose of the Study
The purpose of the multiple-case study is to explore the leadership processes to amass independent perspectives and understanding of media industry managers within large, complex, production and distribution operations to identify change management approaches, results and development of change improvement programs. The multiple-case study provides an exploration of change management and ...

... middle of paper ... case studies are not superficial; descriptive design requires a deeper understanding of the sample population and his or her responses (Baxter & Jack, 2008; Lloyd-Jones, 2003). Each study participant’s selection represents the research population who experience the occurrences in question to reflect accurately the available media industry change management leadership population (Baxter & Jack, 2008; Lloyd-Jones, 2003; Yin, 2013).
The study will include 10 to 15 participants from various media organizations for comparison in the multiple-case. All respondents will be 30 years old or older and will be currently or recently employed in a media organization. These individuals possess the knowledge and skills to manage a media organization successfully. The sample participants will be results-oriented production and distribution professionals in the media industry.

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