A Brief Note On The Syrian Refugee Crisis Essay

A Brief Note On The Syrian Refugee Crisis Essay

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Cosmopolitanism and the Syrian Crisis
The Syrian Refugee Crisis is a harrowing example of what it means to be a citizen without a state. These individuals are fighting for their lives and attempting to survive in the middle of a warzone the rest of the world seems to care little about, whilst outside states argue over the paltry numbers to be accepted into their borders. It is inhumane for states to ignore the Syrian Crisis and it is the duty of states to open their borders to those seeking refuge from terror and destruction. The United States needs to be a leader in these efforts and use its resources to better aid the Syrian people in their time of need, by opening its borders and welcoming people from war torn lands.
The United States does the Syrian people no favors by simply broadcasting footage of airstrikes and their aftermath on the city of Aleppo, what would benefit these people would be an exit strategy, one where they can reach a place without daily bombings and be able to have the ringing in their ears stop for the first time in years. However, the pursuit of alleviating suffering does not, under a cosmopolitan viewpoint, constitute a responsibility for one to end the conflict since it would bring more violence and harm into the world and violate the categorical imperative. (Shapcott 149, 153) In that line of thought it is a moral obligation for the United States to admit more refugees and adhere to the Kant’s definition of mutual aid so they may have their basic needs met and while some argue it’s impossibility, the scope is limited to those in ‘emergency’ situations and thereby nullifies objections. (Shapcott 148) This strategy of helping the Syrian people would be beneficial for the United States since it would en...

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...es government needs to understand the fact that should its people be attacked other nations would take them in and provide those basic needs, therefore it should return the favor in kind and offer safe haven to those in need, especially the Syrian people who are facing some of the world’s darkest days. Therefore, taking in Syria’s people and offering them refuge is the most ethical action that can be taken in this situation and the numbers of those being resettled in the United States needs to be increased so as to alleviate suffering of the victims. Plus, maybe in the process of offering refuge, the American people will learn some compassion and empathy, treat their neighbors with respect and dignity, regardless of their stature in life or their current circumstance, and actually work together towards a common good to decrease human suffering wherever it may exist.

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