A Brief Note On The Status Of Social Work Essay

A Brief Note On The Status Of Social Work Essay

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E. Status of Social Work

1. I believe social work is valued at my agency not just because the staff is nice to me, but because my supervisor follows the Code of Ethics when it comes to clients. When dealing with clients in substance abuse, some of them might think they can come in and manipulate staff because that is what they have been used to doing during their addiction. I believe one staff member used the term “devious” to describe how some clients can be when they first come to Shepherd’s Shelter.

I believe my supervisor does a good job in showing and saying to these clients that he isn’t there to be their buddy and he can tell when they are telling what they think he wants to hear. Social work is about empowering clients and showing them they can do certain things on their own without assistance.

There is a staff member at my agency who isn’t a social worker but they believe in giving spiritual guidance to the clients and that’s wonderful, but I believe this staff member is taken advantage of because of their kind heart. The field of social work is not about making friends or showing clients that you love and care about them. That defeats the whole purpose of what social work is about and I believe my supervisor shows client’s that he is serious about guiding them to their sobriety.

2. My supervisor and staff members have a staff meeting every Monday morning in director’s office. I have never witnesses any of the meetings because I am usually in class on Monday mornings, but according to my supervisor, clients are discussed along with their process they have been making during their time in treatment. Also, it is discusses whether or not clients can phase up during this meeting. A client just can’t say “I going to ...

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...ght the property is still intact.

It’s amazing hearing former clients talk about the good that Pastor Wayne and Jeanette have done during their time at Shepherd’s Shelter. It’s a good thing that Pastor Wayne doesn’t use the approach if you leave once then that’s it when it comes to clients. There are some clients who have been to my agency three times in the last two years. There is one client who worked the program for 10 months, got to move into transition and relapsed when he was allowed a home visit and this client was dismissed for non-compliance.

This client was spiraling out of control once again and Pastor allowed this client to come back and start over again with their program. An agency can have faults but that don’t mean it’s a negative place and they could make the improvements and still not be effective. I guess it’s just how people look at things.

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