A Brief Note On The Red Cross Foundation Essay

A Brief Note On The Red Cross Foundation Essay

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Attention Getter: According to The Red Cross Foundation, the American Red Cross responds to more than 70,000 disasters in America each year.

Significance: This is significant, because the Red Cross responds to house and apartment fires, spills and transportation accidents, explosions, and other natural and man-made disasters, which all help to serve people in need of physical and emotional help after a traumatic experience.

Credibility: I choose to speak about the Red Cross, because they offer relief to people at times when they own almost nothing. I have never personally experienced any of their relief services, but according to the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, 357 natural triggered disasters were registered in 2012. This shows that there is a great need for relief and the Red Cross has tried to answer this need since its start in 1881 by a woman named Clara Barton.

Thesis Statement/Central Idea/Purpose Statement: The Red Cross focuses on five main relief efforts; Supporting America’s Military Families, Doanting blood, offering Health and Safety services, working internationally with other country’s Red Cross, and disaster relief. All of these services had their start with Clara Barton.

Transition: Without her passion to serve, the Red Cross would never have come to America.

Main Body

A. The Red Cross offers serves such as preparing for, coping with, and responding to the challenges of military service. Also emergency communications, training, and support to wounded warriors and veterans.

a. On average, they help150,000 military families and veterans annually.
b. The military need is where Clara Barton started to volunteer.
c. While in Washington D.C. as one of the first women ...

... middle of paper ...

...sition: If they did not exist, many people would be in need.

Reference to the Introduction: Hopefully, America will have less than 70,000 disasters this coming year, but I hope that everyone in this room is reassured that if something does happen, that there is an organized that is going to react quickly to help those suffering.

Review of Main Points: I hope that Clara Barton has inspired you to look around you and see the needs of others, but to also act to help meet these needs. Think about supporting the Red Cross finically or by volunteering so that they can continue supporting America’s Military Families, donating blood, offering health and safety services, working internationally with other country’s Red Cross, and offering disaster relief.

Strong Final Statement: Clara Barton founded the Red Cross, what can you accomplish if you put your mind to it?

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