Essay on A Brief Note On The Patient Satisfaction Issues

Essay on A Brief Note On The Patient Satisfaction Issues

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The top patient satisfaction issues in our practice are bad ratings of patients being on hold for a long period of time, waiting time, not enough staff members, the office is not friendly looking, front desk looks unorganized, doctors are not caring, not enough Spanish speaking staff members, not cleared enough on any rescheduling fees for missed appointments, the area is not the best area to have a practice in, and lastly the billing department takes too long to submit a claim.
Patients’ being on hold for a long period of time is a major issue. Due to my receptionist assistant texting while working is what causes the long holds. Patients constantly are complaining about being on hold for 30-40 minutes. This is extremely unacceptable and not necessary for patients to go through this process. Many patients will hang up the phone and call again in order to get our attention. I have already had a discussion with the receptionist assistant and she is aware to put her phone away. Patients have mentioned they have thoughts about leaving the practice because they think this is unprofessional. This is a systemic issue and needs to be taken serious.
The waiting time has also been a major issue in this practice. Patients are always asking the receptionist assistant to speak with a manager since the wait is getting out of control. When I get an anger patient I also let them know there are complicated appointments prior to their appointment that takes longer to finish. I make sure to discuss with the doctors and verify what is taking so long and make sure they understand there are patients complaining. The doctors are aware they need to speed up the process without missing anything important in that visit. A lot of times patients stay in th...

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...just because some patients want to complain. The area where the practice is located is not a bad area.
Lastly, the last complaint I have received is that billing are submitting their claims late. This is another perfect example of patient’s just complaining for no reason. Patients do this so they do not have to pay anything when the claim has past the time frame. Patients refused to pay anything out of pocket. They get upset once we send them a bill to their house. They do not like to be responsible for their fees.
Overall, I plan on having a meeting with the receptionist, nurses, and doctors to discuss all these issues and to come up with a plan that will help us all solve the issues. In order for these issues to be solved we all need to work as a team to make sure we give patients no reason to complain about anything. If we fail to do this then we fail as a team.

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