A Brief Note On The Oppression Of Health Care Essay

A Brief Note On The Oppression Of Health Care Essay

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Oppression in Health Care
Working in an oppressed work environment is challenging not only subjective to oppression by the dominant white workers but witnessed co-workers being victimized. These incidents happened in a health care environment. The staff complement consists of twelve nurses including one Aboriginal native nurse, one black nurse myself, and one male French Canadian nurse. A white female manager completes the complement. The manager who has worked for this heath care for twenty years brought the facility ways how to manage staff and coordinate the facility. One of my manager’s mandates is to have a diverse staff complement.
Reflective assessment is a useful tool to help students and teachers view the signs of oppression through the other person’s eyes (Bond, Evans, & Ellis, 2011). Students and teachers have a joint ownership of the learning experience. Equally important this paper a requirement for CMT-508 Diversity in Service Provision is to analyze and reflect on the experiences of others faced with oppression; and how I can contribute to the anti-racist health care environment.
Health Care
Recognition of English and French languages as Canada’s native tongue my manager hired a Bilingual French speaking staff nurse who transferred from another facility. Knowing the different types of power can be an asset for the nurse manager or leader. Tomey(2004) stated that “informal sources of power are related to one’s personal power rather than position power” (p.112). Nurses are encouraged to empower clients with the evidence-based knowledge to enable clients to formulate informed deisions. Formal power is the power one acquires in one’s position of authority. My manager has the authority to hire and terminate staff.


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...ment team recommended her for a prestige award that she received at the Canadian Parliament Building in Ottawa for the excellent work contribution in the health care. This manager finally retired with a full pension. Managers after her continue to follow systemic racism.
Signs of oppression are evident in health care. The health care culture to intolerance to people’s differences created a stressful environment for everyone. People in authority need to model acts of acceptance and create an anti- racist environment that is congruent with the rules and regulations. Rights and privileges are the entitlement of all Canadians but are sometimes distributed unfairly by the dominant group. Transparency needs to filter down from senior management team to line staff. Education, training, research is needed to improve employment working standards in health care.

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