A Brief Note On The Mystery Man On The Phone Essay

A Brief Note On The Mystery Man On The Phone Essay

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I was approaching Rogan’s back door, and I saw his mom talking on the phone with someone. She seemed flirty, really flirty so I kept listening.
“Yea, come on over, my husband left for work over an hour ago,” said Mrs. Shad on her cell phone.
Oh jesus I was thinking to myself, my best friend’s mom, is having an affair and I have to be the person to tell him. The situation played in my head over and over again. My brain was playing tricks on me right? I wanted to be wrong. Maybe she was just talking on the phone with the plumber, or one of her good friends?
Panicked, I decided to continue listening to figure out what was really going on. A car approached, It was my father. Maybe he just forgot something at home again.. Reality slapped me in the face as my father pulled into the Shad’s driveway. My father was the mystery man on the phone. From then on reality collapsed onto itself, creating a blur from then on. I didn’t want to watch, but I knew I had to see what was really going on. My father started removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. Mrs. Shad started taking off her dress. That was enough for me. I could feel my warm, salty tears slam against my arm. I kept asking myself how the hell I was going to tell my best friend his mom was having an affair with MY dad.
That Tuesday evening and I was just getting home from school, my dad was working late so I decided to go over to Rogan 's house to eat dinner. I could smell his mom 's brisket cooking from a mile away. I walked through the door and had a huge urge to call his mom out for hooking up with my dad, but I knew I needed to keep my mouth shut. I heard Rogen 's mom soft gentle voice.
“You came just in time for dinner Rodison, please sit down.”
“Yeah dude sit down be...

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...y best friend was dead and it was his fault, it was MY fault.

“You need to realize your impulsive actions killed my best friend, my other half,” I said with nothing but anger. That was all I could remember saying to my father.
Months passed by and I moved to my mom 's house in Arizona, miles away from my dad. I knew running away from my problems wasn’t going to solve anything, but staying with my dad and in the town where my best friend passed away, I was sure that was not going to solve anything either. After Roger 's death, I could feel apart of him inside of me, and sometimes I feel his presence with me. I decided that I was going to live my life for him. Which means I wasn’t going to continue living with anger and regret, but with happiness and gratitude. I will never forget how the morning sun hit my face that morning my bestfriend died, I promised myself.

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