A Brief Note On The Middle Eastern Culture Essay

A Brief Note On The Middle Eastern Culture Essay

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Born Into the Middle Eastern Culture
Middle Eastern culture, is viewed upon at varying degrees. In this part of the world, there are a cluster of countries that make up the modern Middle East region. From Egypt, through northern Africa, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia there are sixteen countries, or territories of land that make up the entire region. The main location of these countries are between the countries of Europe, China and Russia. The region itself started with the Mesopotamians, and the Egyptians, Nomads and Roman Empires. The majority of citizens in these countries speak Arabic, with many different ways of pronunciation. The region itself ethnical wise, embraces Arabs, Persians, Kurdish, Armenians, and, a small amount of Greeks, to make up the different ways of life within. The population of over 200 million in this region consists of over five religions as well from Islam to Christians. The book of religion in the region is known as the Qur’an. There are many factors to take a look at in this region. Some of the most notable are religious practices, sexuality, family life and the customs and courtesies they hold sacred.
When looking at the Middle East, one of the largest questions of interest are based on religion and their belief system. The Arabic population practice Islam, where they believe in the Prophet Mohammed, and in Allah (God), whereas Christians believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God. Christians have a vast belief system and the Ten Commandments, where Muslims practice their faith based on the “Articles of Faith (Belief in One God, Belief in Angels, Belief in Prophets of God, Revealed Books of God, Day of Judgement, Belief in the Destiny and Divine Decree), and also, the “five pillars of Islam, wh...

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...y oriented systems. There is combined, and separate. In combined, everyone lives in the home from mother, father, brother, sister and uncles. In a separate family home, everybody takes care of their own dependents, and the income made belongs to them alone. To Muslim families, home life, family life and support of the family is paramount. These families are close knit, protective of one another and provide support to not only each other, but, their children and extended family members. “A sensible and well-balanced family system is the very foundation of a happy life. Indeed, it is the root of an advancing civilization. The family is a closely-knit unit of human society; and this nearness creates eminent danger of friction and conflict unless every member is told in unambiguous terms what his duties and rights are (Rizvi, "Family Life", 2016).”
Customs and Courtesies

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