Essay on A Brief Note On The Middle East And North Africa

Essay on A Brief Note On The Middle East And North Africa

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Geopolitics in the Middle East:
Most countries in the Middle East and North Africa, such as Iraq, Libya and Iran have engaged in a bloody civil war and most of them are the verge of breaking apart. New Islamic Fundamentalists, such as ISIS, have risen to an expanse as big as Great Britain. This Organisation which has branched from the Al- Qaeda has threatened the political stability of the Middle East and North Africa and encouraged the emergence of radicalised factions in the region. Yet, the biggest problem is that these states within the region have the world’s largest oil and gas reserves and if they become a failed state, then it will be a nightmare scenario for the whole world as this will weaken the world economy (Sun, 2009). The politicisation of oil prices in general and current drop in value could hurt the shell oil boom in countries such as Canada and America. Since the Energy sector is the most dominant sector in the Middle Eastern region, the region should have a proper transparent model for public-private partnership. Because in the geopolitical landscape, energy sector can play a positive role in ensuring both socioeconomic development and political and economic security (Baxter, 2012).
External Factors of contemporary Geopolitics of the Middle East:
The factor is defined as the cause or any driving force of any process. Because of its location and rich in energy resources, the area of the Middle East in Asia occupies a very important place in Geopolitics. This region greatly determines the foreign policy and economic conditions of most of the countries. Any instability in the region brings chaos in the stock markets and bring serious effects on the global economy. So there should be a cautious approach to implemen...

... middle of paper ... be the long-term objectives of the U.S. foreign policy. The U.S. Foreign policy has not changed since the Bush administration because Middle East continues to occupy the priority position in U.S. Foreign policy. Under the cover of democracy, the U.S. continues to have an authoritarian policy towards the Middle East (Looney, 2014).
The international community failed to implement an effective policy to tackle the geopolitical crisis in the Middle East and also failed to provide the real root cause of terrorism and violence in the region. Their intervention in the internal affairs of the Gulf countries has devastated the region.
The United Nation is failing to provide any humanitarian response to the crisis in the Middle East and Western countries under the banner of U.N. Flag continues to meddle in the regions and to serve their own self-interest (Telhami, 2013).

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