A Brief Note On The Health Care Industry Essay

A Brief Note On The Health Care Industry Essay

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As the health care industry attempts to become a more efficient and connected system there are many different technological and policy aspects that they must first overcome. From my observation, I have noticed that economy plays a great deal in the way that the health care trade is managed. Simple supply and demand has created some degree of segregation among health professionals. For example, my mother lives in the small town of Clio, SC. It is a rural community with less than 1000 residents. There is a local medical office in the main part of the town, but due to the limited amount of patients that actually use the facility, the price to use the services are higher to cover the equipment and staffing costs. My mother does have insurance, but even with the small office being a part of her PPO, she would still have some substantial co-pay costs. To alleviate the financial matter, my mother travels to the next town, McColl, SC. This town has a slightly higher population and is also connected to the Palmetto Health Care System. This means that many of the staffing and equipment requirements aren’t covered locally. They are actually provided by the larger hospital network in Florence, SC. This system sees a great deal more patients. This means that services for my mother are significantly lower. It seems to me that the implementation of the NHIN would help my mother solves some her travel woes for health care by simply connecting the Clio Medical Center and lowering the costs of operation.
This week’s reading begins to expand on just how much the nation can benefit from the introduction of the NHIN and even help patients like my mother. According to the reading, the NHIN can benefits both the consumer and public health. Consumers ca...

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... while architecture must seek to stay abreast of policy requirements with the equipment it selects. The subsequent concept is standards. This is a concept that is also complex due to constant technological and policy changes and the “no-rip” necessity to regulate costs. Standards help build the foundation of interoperability. Lastly, comes certification. As a relatively new concept, this is something that is heavily dependent on the compliance to policy and standard (Wes Rishel, 2007).
If all parts are combined, this lays the groundwork for a health care network that would connect my mother, father and myself. We would be able to benefit from the most convenient, reliable and cost-efficient system no matter where we are in life. Ideally, this interoperable system would not be as easily swayed by economic woes and would help create healthier communities for everyone.

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