A Brief Note On The Global Wind Energy Essay

A Brief Note On The Global Wind Energy Essay

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The global wind energy has taken a place in different counties around the world since the late 1990s. Wind power energy increased dramatically in the United States and most wind turbines become more efficient and powerful. Also, Electricity can be generated from different sources, but the source of this power is wind. In other words, it is free and does not need to pay for it like other sources. Some studies show that, the cost of wind power declined by technological progress in different locations around the world. The important factor when the company wants to establish the wind power is to find a proper location. Taiwan as an example, the weather in summer seems to be tropical cyclones and in winter seems to be northern trade wind. Thus, the proportion of wind power could be much better in those places.
One of the main purposes to raise the consumption of this power is to reduce the dependence on other sources, for instance oil and gas supplies. Moreover, when the company or the government should take into account the cost of everything. In short, the money which the government will pay to the land owner for each turbine and the construction of wind turbines. Thus, today the wind power is more efficient than inefficient. This essay will evaluate the efficiency of the wind power from environment and economic perspectives. Also, it will provide some proper examples and supporting evidence.
In recent years, the growth of electricity which generated by wind power makes other sources, such as gas generation and steam generation less use (Jaber, 2014). In addition, using wind power energy reduces the gases emissions, for example CO2 (Jaber, 2014). Moreover, she mentioned that, the source of this kind of power derive...

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...tes '. Energy Policy 34 (14), 1786-1796

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