A Brief Note On The Gas And Oil Essay examples

A Brief Note On The Gas And Oil Essay examples

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The Prirazlomnoye field was discovered one year later in 1989 . This oil reserve is estimated to contain 72 million tons of oil. Like the Shtokman field, it still under development which began in December 2013. Drilling operations on the field takes place on a single ice resistant platform. The platform contains storage tanks which in total can hold up to 113,000 cubic meters of gas. To transport the gas, tankers must sail across the sea to a different oil platform. The gas is then processed on the Belokamenka platform. (http://www.offshore-technology.com/projects/prirazlomnoye)
After the gas and oil is processed it must be transported to the consumers. Russia uses may different ways to transport its oil and gas. These transportation methods include: pipelines, railway, trucks, boat and by air. Most of the transportation is by railway and pipeline. (Bambulyak, Frantzen, 2009, 25)
Railways are not only important for the transportation of oil, it is a major transportation method for all goods in Russia. Russia is the owner of one the largest railway networks in the world. One of the major railways in Russia is the October Railway. A major feature of this railway is that it transports and connects oil and other goods from the Barents Sea to major cities in Russia, including the capital Moscow. (Bambulyak, Frantzen, 2009, 26)
Sea transportation is one of Russia’s main form of transporting oil and gas. Of all the goods transported by these cargo ships, “most of all oil and petroleum products, form about 59% of the volumes shipped in the Russian ports (263 million tons in 2008)”. (Bambulyak, Frantzen, 2009, 30) Because of this, seaports are really important for the economy of Russia, as they are the centers of trade for ...

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...argest gas transportation system that comprises of gas extraction, processing, transmission, storage and distribution facilities.” (Bambulyak, Frantzen, 2009, 32) Because of its size, its transports a significant amount of Russia’s gas. For example, “in 2014 a total of 627.5 billion cubic meters was pumped into the UGSS”. (http://www.gazpromquestions.ru/en/transmission/, 2015) Other major pipeline in Russia is the Nord Stream which is also managed by Gazpom. This pipeline connects Russia to the rest of Europe. (http://www.gazprom.com/about/production/projects/pipelines/nord-stream/, 2015) This pipeline can “transport about 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year.” (https://www.nord-stream.com/the-project/pipeline/, 2015). Pipelines are the main type of transportation in Russia and no doubt Russia will continue to expand and extend its pipeline network in the future

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