Essay about A Brief Note On The Field Of Nursing

Essay about A Brief Note On The Field Of Nursing

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The field of nursing is one that requires much passion, hard work and critical thinking. It is a nurses job to promote the well being of their patients and help the return to normal function. However unfortunate events occur, resulting in patients receiving adverse health conditions as a result of being in a medical facility One of the most prevalent of these nosocomial conditions are pressure ulcers. Not only do the patients suffer from the pain of pressure ulcers but the hospitals and medical facilities are effected as well. A randomized controlled trial conducted by Pickham et al. reported that “ Pressure ulcers are insidious complications that affect approximately 2.5 million patients and account for approximately US$$ 11 billion in annual health care spending each year” (2016). Pressure ulcers not only cause the patient pain but “even contribute to disability and death” (Nuru, Zewdu, Amsalu and Mehretie, 2015), this is because they increase the risk of infection.
Because pressure ulcers are so dangerous and costly it is a nurses job to do all they can to prevent them from forming. One simple yet effective nursing intervention that is implemented is re-positioning the patient. This is effective because it relieves certain areas of the body of pressure, thus slowing or preventing the breakdown of that skin. This is an intervention that should be done often, as is brought out by one cohort study , “Frequent manual re-positioning is an established part of pressure ulcer prevention” (Rich et al.2010), according to most facilities this is done every 2 hours. However due to the work load put on nurses, certain interventions for a patient could be over looked, such as re positioning. Many studies have been conducted to research how...

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...ty of their skin to remain intact, and to heal. In addition, specific bedding can be used for those who pose a risk to developing ulcers as shown on the Braden scale, Elliott attested to the fact that “High specification foam mattresses have demonstrated improved performance in pressure ulcer prevention” (2010), and in combination with proper nutrition, keeping the patient dry and re-positioning, no doubt the risk of a patient acquiring a pressure ulcer decreases.
Evidence based practice helps interdisciplinary teams to be able to use the best research in order to perform a practice their field of study most efficiently. I hope to be able to do the same, not only to help patients prevent and recover from pressure ulcers through the above mentioned methods, but to do my best to promote the health of patients through nursing interventions.

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