A Brief Note On The Eye For An Eye Essays

A Brief Note On The Eye For An Eye Essays

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An Eye for an Eye
By the time I’d gotten to Latria’s, I’d already told her about picking up my bangles from mom’s house, Jason and the fake flyer, Trent and his late night conversation with Diamond, and Boogie coming on to me. After hearing about all of those things that I’d encountered in less than a 24-hour time frame, Latria already had our drinks poured when I arrived. I hadn’t been over to her place for a while, and I noticed that she’d painted the kitchen a sage color and hung new curtains. I kicked my shoes off at the front door and went to sit on my favorite couch.
When Latria bounced around the corner, she handed me my drink, and I took a sip. She knew how to make a mean Pina Colada. Before she sat down, she took off her shoes as well and sat on the other end of the couch. “So what are you going to do?” She asked. “About Trent, Boogie or Jason?” I replied. “I think we should handle Trent first,” She said as she took a drink. “Okay, now that we know that he’s cheating, what am I supposed to do?”
“Lyric, there are a few things you can do. You can confront him and stay, confront him and leave, don’t confront him at all and collect more evidence for a divorce or you can give him a taste of his own medicine” Latria suggested. “Now you’ve got a good point. I’m not going to confront him just yet, and I’d like to give him a taste of his medicine first” I chuckled, as I shook my bangles at Latria. “Girl, he’s in trouble now. Those bangles mean business. So, are you going to go back to doing all of those scandalous things that you used to do?” She asked as she dug into her oversized purse.
“Well, I know that I’m going to screw Jason, just as soon as his plane touches down in Virginia. As for Boogie, I don’t think I’m going ...

... middle of paper ...

...atever you want. I’m going to take a shower.” After Trent took his phone out of my hand. He sat on the bed and pretended to watch television as I took my slow time getting my night clothes out of the dresser. I thought I was being slick by taking my time, but I guess Trent knew what I was up to because he didn’t touch his phone until my back was turned. As he ordered a pizza and hot wings. I sucked my teeth under my breath and went into the bathroom.
While in the shower, I remembered that I’d never sent Jason a picture. I was so glad that I remembered because I hadn’t deleted his image yet and I needed to before Trent saw it. With damp hands, I looked at Jason’s naked image one last time and deleted it. After I deleted the picture, I dried off and rubbed baby oil all over my body. When everything was super shiny, I snapped a few quick pictures and sent them to Jason.

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