A Brief Note On The Country Of Nepal Essay

A Brief Note On The Country Of Nepal Essay

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The country of Nepal is located in Asia, right below China and over India. The size of the country is 56,827 miles squared. As of 2016, the population of Nepal is 28,978,100. The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu. It is the largest city in the country and the most populated as it holds one twelfth of the country’s population. Kathmandu has a rich history which has lasted more than two thousand years. Kathmandu has a lot of art that can be seen anywhere from parks to street corners. The art is normally of gods and goddesses. The main religions in Kathmandu is Hinduism and Buddhism. The art and architecture is built around the culture of these two religions. Many museums in Kathmandu hold art pieces from the 5th century to present day. Kathmandu is also the center of music in Nepal. Jazzmandu is an internationally known jazz music festival in Kathmandu. It was founded in 2002. Kathmandu has been referenced in numerous songs from Cat Stevens to OKGO. The architecture and look of the city is so distinct that many Hollywood films will film there. Some include Seven Years in Tibet, Everest, and most recently Doctor Strange. Kathmandu is the source of most of Nepal’s tourism. It is one of the country’s most important industries.
Archaeologists found Neolithic tools which suggest that there has been human life in Nepal for more than 11,000 years. The first recorded rulers were the Hindu Kiratis, whose first king was King Yalambar but little is known about most of the kings. In 300 AD, the Licchavis people overthrew the king and assumed power themselves. It is believed that they had left Bihar and defeated the Kirat king after losing their political fortune. The Licchavis ruled at the beginning of the Buddhist era. ...

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...ade of lentils. This is served over boiled rice (bhat) and served with vegetable curry (tarkari). The food of Nepal offer a hybrid of Tibetan, Indian, and Thai origins. Momos are Tibetan style dumplings made with Nepalese spices. They are filled with buffalo meat, goat or chicken. Since there are more than fifty ethnic groups in Nepal, the music that is popular is very diverse. Popular genres are pop, Nephop, rock, folk, classical, and ratna. Rap sometimes makes appearances on the music charts but it is rare. Many of the bands are based in Kathmandu. Nephop is Nepalese Hip Hop. Some more traditional music in Nepal is Newa music, gurung music, kirat music, tamang, magar, Sherpa, and Maithili. Some western music that is popular in Nepal is metal, electronic music, and pop.
The first Nepali language film was released in 1951. It is called Satya Harishchandra

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