A Brief Note On The Country Of Ethiopia Essay

A Brief Note On The Country Of Ethiopia Essay

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Some of us are fortunate to live the lifestyle that we do. We are able to go to school and get an education, come home to food on the table, and have clothes on or back shoes on our feet. Everybody is not able to live the luxurious lifestyle that most of us do. That does not mean we have the most fanciest clothes and eat at the fanciest restaurants all the time, but we have money to eat food from fast food chains when we want to. While doing research for this paper, I learned that I take certain things for granted.
The least developed country I picked was Ethiopia. Ethiopia is located in the East-central part of Africa. The population is estimated to 86.5 million. The country is known for being a least developed country which consist of an extremely poor economy. While we live in a mixed economy, people who live in Ethiopia have to struggle to find basic needs. Majority of the people in Ethiopia are not able to get in their cars and drive to a supermarket. They have to walk on foot everyday just to go to a market and the market is not always near them. Sometimes it takes them hours to get there. They also have to walk to get their water and carry it back. The water is not always clean, sometimes they get sick off of the water because it is contaminated with waste and diseases. The mind-blowing part is that males work 80 hours a week, while women work 126 hours. Since I work on campus, I am only able to work 20 hours a week and in the real world Americans work 40- 50 hours a week. My job is able to gross me around $300-1000 as a student. Ethiopians only make $123 in a year. That would not be enough for us to survive in the United States.
Ethiopians don’t have the resources of buying packaged and processed food. They usually grow ...

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...er is contaminated and the other parts is not. The water doesn’t make everyone sick. The different impact is that we require the quest for sustainability on planet earth. In Ethiopia they are force to live in that economy. They don’t have any resources or people to help guide them into making their situation into something better. The people that try to help are not able to help everyone. Those people deserve to have clean water and live in a comfortable house that have more than two bed room. It should be enough rooms for the entire family. Another thing is that we depend on our resources to fulfill us. We expect to come home every day with the lights on and the television working. They work hard to have nothing in return where we work hard sometimes buy ourselves rewards for it. They are able to live our lifestyle, but we could not live in there. We are fortunate.

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