Essay on A Brief Note On The Cost Of Imprisonment

Essay on A Brief Note On The Cost Of Imprisonment

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Nylha Hickman

Cost of Imprisonment
$39 billion, that’s the amount spent on prison in 2012-2013. Not on the baby coming up in the public school system or health care for the veterans of the United States Army, but on prison. In 2012 the NY times did a study showing that the annual average taxpayers in New York City cost very conflicted and most times was $31,286 per inmate. Imprisonment is a topic that is miss understood. Taxpayers are paying for everything as little as the handcuffs these men and women are carrying on their hips, and things as big as the courthouse that they are taken to in order to be sentenced. For example, according to Connecticut funds everything as far as Administrative Purposes, except private prisons and Health care and education for the prisoners. The money that other states are putting toward those things Connecticut is putting toward education and helping the retired elderly. Their state government understands what 's important and what 's not. While on the other end the state on Montana is the opposite. Montana in providing free education and health care, but is not providing the retired elderly with any type of medical support. The cost of imprisonment is absolutely ridiculous and the government needs to realize there are ways in reduce the amount of money spent on spent on prisons. Some examples are prison health care, education, also who we put in prison.

Prison Health Care, the cost of health care for each prisoner varies, due to the fact that some prisoners go into the system sick and some get sick while under the government care.” In eight states a portion of the cost for inmates hospital care is funded outside the corrections department’ according to Education and Train...

... middle of paper ... someone away. We are putting away young children for harmless crimes when we could really just give the cheaper and more efficient help. The government is trying to portray that putting all this money into prison and giving the inmates education is helpful when it isn 't doing anything but giving those things to do during the day. The cost of imprisonment has skyrocketed due to the fact they are focusing on the wrong things. The goal of prison is to protect the good citizens, and to put away the men and women who are a threat to society. That should be the goal, but not to put any people who are just harmful to themselves. Those people need help not punishment. Beside that the cost of helping would really decrease the amount the taxpayers are paying for criminals. The cost of imprisonment is too high when there are many ways to decrease it without hurting society.

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