A Brief Note On The Civil Unrest Of The Police Essay

A Brief Note On The Civil Unrest Of The Police Essay

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Steven Schleper
English 102
Mrs. Prochaska
03 February 2015
Civil Unrest
Suppose you are just walking down the street to the gas station, and all of a sudden you are stopped by the police and told if you do not lay down with your hands on your head they will shoot. It sounds pretty unlikely, right? Well it may be happening more often than you think. The use of lethal and excessive force by the police has become all too familiar to the people of today’s world. Excessive use of force, brutality, racism, and profiling are all terms that serve to describe this horrendous situation. Maybe the police are not all at fault, but it is becoming an ever increasing problem that needs extensive research and proactive solutions.
First, we must start with a logical definition of what exactly the use of excessive force or brutality is when regarding the conduct of police officers. The varieties of names given to this situation describe the different treatment that people are experiencing on a daily basis. The police may call it just doing their job effectively, but the citizens of the United States’ rights are being infringed upon turning our “free country” into a police state. Some of the aforementioned names might not ascribe exactly to the use of lethal force, but they are what lead to it. The use of excessive force, brutality, and profiling, happen every day in the United States, and it is this type of behavior that is causing people to act out against the strong authority. These factors are what create the situations where police are committing homicides and getting away with it. When the police are given all the power to do what they want, with no one to police whether their actions are lawful and to serve justice, it creates ...

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...with immunity. This is injustice at its core and the people will not stand for it.

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