Essay A Brief Note On The Canadian Federation Of Nurses Unions

Essay A Brief Note On The Canadian Federation Of Nurses Unions

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A job in health care requires nurses to have a broad knowledge base. Not only on health care in general, but diversity as well. We live in a world that is very diverse, where no two people are the same. As a nurse, it is important to understand what diversity, assumptions and ethnocentrism all mean. By having a good understanding of these three things, a nurse will be better able to provide culturally competent care to his or her patients, which is a huge part of nursing.

Diversity Defined
Diversity is a broad term, and is difficult to define. According to The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (2011), diversity is a range of differences, such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation/identity, religion, nationality and personality (Fry, 2011). Diversity is really about the whole person, whether it be physical, social, psychological qualities, characteristics, personality, heritage, along with personal experiences and backgrounds (Veselinova, 2014). Nurses need to keep in mind that no two people are alike, and therefore the way they are cared for should be adjusted to fit the individual’s diverse needs.

Diversity Examples
As a nurse there are many different ways to accommodate diversity when providing care for clients. One thing that is important to keep in mind, is every person is different, and how you care for each client will therefore be different. Taking the time to bond with your client, and figuring out what their needs are, is one of the best ways to ensure you are providing care that not only is diverse, but culturally competent.
Taking the time to learn about different cultures, especially the more prominent ones in your area, is a fantastic step in providing diverse ...

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...ansSask Support Services Inc. provides support services to individuals of diverse genders. This organization can put you in touch with services you may be needing, and also goes out into the community to talk about gender diversity. TransSask even goes out to the high schools in Regina and talks with the students.

Providing diverse care in nursing, is a really important aspect of the nursing process. In order to provide diverse care, you need to know what diversity, assumption and ethnocentrism entail. By knowing what each of these mean, and having an understanding of how they affect you in your daily lives, you will be better able to provide the best possible care to you clients. The important thing to always keep in mind is, what your patients need in order for them to feel comfortable and get healthy again.

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