A Brief Note On The And Wrongful Employment Opportunity Commission V. Autozone, Inc.

A Brief Note On The And Wrongful Employment Opportunity Commission V. Autozone, Inc.

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AutoZone first opened its doors in 1979 under the name Auto Shack. Presently Auto Shack is AutoZone, a fortune 500 organization and one of the leading auto parts store in the nation with approximately $8.1 billion in annual sales. AutoZone currently has stores in 48 states including Mexico and Puerto Rico with more than 65,000 employees. (AutoZone Inc., 2016)
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. AutoZone, Inc. Summary
On 09/10/2010, a judgement was filed against AutoZone Inc. for wrongful employment practices by discriminating against an employee because of his religious beliefs. The AutoZone in question is located in Everett, Massachusetts. Mr. Mahoney Burroughs had been an employee of AutoZone since 2007 as a Senior Sales associate, around two years later Mr. Burroughs converts to the Sikh religion. Here are the facts of the case:
• Mr. Burroughs notified management accordingly concerning his conversion to the Sikh religion and how he was required to wear a turban, “kara”, and let his beard grow.
• After Mr. Burroughs began wearing full Sikh attire the managers the store began to harass him, humiliate, and to touch him uninvitingly.
• Mr. Burroughs was threatened to be thrown out of the store by the store managers if he returned with his turban. They also requested that he brought documentation indicating that he had to wear such religious attire. His house of worship never provided the documentation as requested
• Employees at the store called him inappropriate names making fun of his religious beliefs management did not intervene on the matter.
• Management called him “terrorist”, “Bin laden”, “Al Qaeda”, “Poon-Jabi King”, etc…
• Mr. Burroughs asked management numerous times to stop the harassment, th...

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... by the organization should be upheld accordingly and each case treated with the outmost fairness in order to be effective. Moreover, employees who feel they are receiving unwelcome religious conduct should let the individual and follow through with letting management become aware if it does not stop.
AutoZone undoubtedly engaged in unlawful employment practices and policies thus, clearly deserving such judgement imposed by the court. As an important note, when I was researching this case, I found other discrimination cases filed against the organization at the EEOC site non religion related. I have come to the conclusion that this organization has not learned from its past mistakes, it is very unfortunate to know these facts since I do a lot shopping at one of their locations by my house, I will keep this in mind next time I decide to shop there.

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