A Brief Note On The And The Workplace And Right Within Your Community Essay

A Brief Note On The And The Workplace And Right Within Your Community Essay

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Topic: Audism
Specific Purpose: To help people to understand what Audism is and that the lack of an ability to hear does not mean they are incapable of performing tasks.
Central idea: I’m going to talk about Audism and what it is, were it happens and why it needs to stop, it happens in Schools, The workplace and right in your community.
Attention Getter: Everyone has felt Different at some point in our lives, in school or out with our friends at the mall. However, for some people it is not only a feeling of being different but of being perceived as different.
Today, I am going to be talking about Audism. For most people, I’m will to bet this is a word you have never heard of. Partly because it is a concept that most people don’t even consider, it is the discrimination of Deaf individuals by the Hearing community.
We all had a time when we were treated differently, for most of us High school was littered with these moments. Maybe you were labeled a jock, or a mean girl, a goth or a geek. Each of these labels lead to bring treated differently somehow, however for many of us this was just a faze, something we grew out of after high school. However, Deafness is not something that you grow out of, anymore then you can grow out of your skin.
Today I’m going to tell you stories of prejudice, discrimination and hate and when you leave here not only will you know the meaning of Audism but also what to look for and hopefully one person at a time how to stop it.

Transition: Firstly, I want to talk to you about our communities, yours, mine and our family’s….
Body: I want to tell you a story, it’s a stories of something that happened to me and some friends of mine on a camping trip that was meant to teach us about the Deaf...

... middle of paper ...

... someone from Mexico who celebrates the day of the dead. It is a difference, and to expect students to breed the lips of their teachers in a language they will never truly understand, or expect them to get cochlear implants even if they don’t want them simply because then they could maybe here. This is unfair and it means that these students, are not getting the same education as they are hearing counterparts, simply because they speak a different language, the language of the deaf, sign language.
So I challenge you, if you see this kind of discrimination no matter how small it may seem. Stand up, and do something about it like I did at that pizza parlor. Together as a community, we can slowly start changing the perspective of what the deaf community is. We can make sure that every child, gets a quality education regardless of audiological differences. Thank you.

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