Essay on A Brief Note On The And The Police Service

Essay on A Brief Note On The And The Police Service

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1. Bobbies - The term bobbies is defined by the Criminal Justice Today textbook as the popular British name given to members of Sir Robert (Bob) Peel 's Metropolitan Police Service" (Schmalleger 139). A bobby is also known as a constable, which is an official of a Municipal Corporation whose primary duties are to protect and preserve the peace of the community. Additionally, London 's bobbies were organized around two principles, which are; the belief that it was possible to discourage crime, and the practice of preventive patrol. The Britannica Encyclopedia website states, "The London police force was created in 1829 by an act introduced in Parliament by the home secretary, Sir Robert Peel (hence the nicknames "bobbies" and "peelers" for policemen). This police force replaced the old system of watchmen and eventually supplanted the River (Thames) Police and the bow Street patrols... [this type of police force is also known to] wear a uniform that is nonmilitary in appearance" ( An example of a bobby would be a British police officer, carrying a short, wooden truncheon, which they would only use in self defense or to restore order, and wearing a uniform that is nonmilitary in appearance, in order to preserve peace and prevent crimes.
2. Kansas City Experiments - This term is defined by the textbook as "The first large-scale scientific study of law enforcement practices. Sponsored by the Police Foundation, it focused on the practice of preventive patrol" (Schmalleger 143). It is known as the most famous application of social research principles to police management was published in 1974. In the study, the southern part of Kansas city was divided into 15 areas. Five of the areas or "beats" were patrolled in the usua...

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...sing, education, and training required for persons, firms, associations and corporations engaged in private protective services within North Carolina. While public police are employed by the government and force public laws, private security personnel work for corporate employers and secure private interests. Private protective services usually regulate Armed and Unarmed Security Guards Guard Certified Trainers, Contract Security Companies and Proprietary Security Organizations (PSO 's) in compliance with duties allocated by statute, including license and registration determination, and disciplinary actions which results from complaints against licensees. The impact of the private protective services is the increased level of integrity, competency, and performance of Private Protective Service Professions in order to safeguard the public health, safety, and welfare.

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