A Brief Note On The And Of Pharmaceutical Companies Essay

A Brief Note On The And Of Pharmaceutical Companies Essay

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Lastly, I see physicians in the OR or anywhere else in the hospital as a “middleman” with pharmaceutical companies. This relates to Strasser’s (1999) Waste and Want as she wrote “the same wholesalers, paddlers, and general storekeepers who introduce new manufactured goods to the household acted as the middleman in the marketing process for waste materials.” So physicians are doing the same thing that these storekeepers were doing by increasing the amount of waste by selling new drugs to “customers” who can afford them (who may not even need them) and not taking these drugs back when they don’t work to the patient satisfaction. These physicians then start selling patients new ones to take, causing patient to lose money from the old drugs if their insurance doesn’t may for all their medications. All in the meantime, pharmaceutical are collect all this money while saying they are research more drug. This may be a reach analogy but I feel some physic use they mechanic to make more money, like my one class discussing how one doctor prescribed over 300 patients medical marijuana when many just had chronic pain to make money, which some Tylenol could fix.
Hospital waste is different from other forms of waste due to the stigma surrounding it, which is having a major impact on social environment. For example, if we still want to keep this sanitary, why don’t we make compostable bed coverings? Maybe they would be too weak to last through the surgery, but I thinking the main issue deals with the public perception of medical waste. Many have misconceptions that this medical waste compost would hurt crops, contamination of needles, and possibly infect them as well (Cornell Farm Services). I do agree that sharp items as well as very infectious ...

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...to refer to www.ast.org (Association of Surgical Technologists), which contains many standards, such as microsurgery instruments, like some types of needles, are delicate leaving the possibility for them to break for repeated use so they are disposed of. I saw somewhat innovated to me was reusing the, would be ‘recycled’, saline bottles as a holder for the no-reusable needles, which limits public exposure. However, it still doesn’t provide these needles the chance to be melted down into other products. In addition, I feel that if we can find some reusable alternatives while still providing the ease and sanitary needs, we could cut down on one of the many forms of waste produced in the medical system. However, we must first change the opinions of many that believe medical waste is more dangerous than the plastic receipt that you touch every week from the supermarket.

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