A Brief Note On The Affordable Care Act Essay

A Brief Note On The Affordable Care Act Essay

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Since Pennsylvania has expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the number of uninsured as decreased from 11% to 10.3% according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. But, people are still struggling and hesitant because of the high premium costs. How can the state of PA help those in need of insurance to lower their premiums while continuing to receive great medical care?
To alleviate the problem, states like New York and Minnesota have followed the recommendations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to implement the Basic Health Program (BHP). The objective is to expand coverage to consumers in that group making more than 138% FPL but less than 200% FPL. The cost of premiums makes it a challenge for this group mostly between 35-54 year old to keep or obtain coverage for health insurance.
The state of PA needs to provide subsidies, increase financial grants to assist with medical coverage. By doing so, it will reduce the financial burden on the both consumers and providers, the latter not having to carry a huge loss for unpaid services.

Problem statement
Under the newly Affordable Care Act (ACA) program in effect in PA since 2015, and the change in the eligibility requirements of the Insurance marketplace, individuals are required to obtain insurance coverage either through their employer, Medicaid or buy it in the Marketplace insurance program. Although there has been an expansion of the Medicaid to include a broader number of beneficiaries, those who do not qualify, face the challenge of finding coverage through the Marketplace. How can an individual let alone a family afford medical coverage on an already low income?
Pennsylvania (PA) is one of the most populated stat...

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...P style like the New York State will be the recommendation as the most viable option for PA. The reason is that it retains people not poor enough to be Medicaid eligible and not making enough to be able to afford the high premiums. By not addressing the high premiums in a population that is already struggling to maintain the bare necessities, the risk of people choosing to be uninsured will increase leading to the financial burden for the state.
In conclusion, the inability of a group that comprise a big portion of the working population to pay for their premium and having to make the difficult choice of taking care of their basic needs should not be overlooked. The objective of the government should be to implement the BHP for the PA constituents who would benefit from it and create incentives to promote healthy choices with a focus on preventive services.

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