Essay on A Brief Note On Television And Social Media

Essay on A Brief Note On Television And Social Media

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Television and social media keep telling us that something is wrong with our bodies. They are not good enough, and we have got to improve them. The way to improve our bodies, of course, is to buy their advertised products. Wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions, padded bras, diet pills and exercise equipment. Although we attempt to shrug off these messages, knowing they are designed to sell products, they get our attention. They penetrate our thinking, helping to shape our image of how we “ought” to look. Those models and celebrities so attractively dressed as they walk, could they be any thinner? For women, the message is clear: you can 't be thin enough. The men 's message: you cannot be strong enough.
Man or women, your body is not good enough. It needs to be shaped into something that it is not. It sags, where it needs to be firm. It bulges where it should be smooth. It sticks out, where it should not, and it does not stick out where it should. And no matter what you weigh, it is too much. You have got to be thinner. Exercise takes time, and it 's painful getting into shape. Once you do get in shape, if you do slack off, it seems to take only a few days for your body to return. You can not slack off, and you can not diet enough. But who can continue at such a pace, striving for what are unreal cultural ideas? A few people, of course, but not many. So liposuction is appealing. Just lie there, put up with a little discomfort, and the doctor will suck the fat out of you. Or jumping on the latest bandwagon of the trying the latest diet Dr. Oz fad, that promises a product will melt fat while you sleep. When I worked as a personal trainer, I could not go a day without someone asking me about the latest diet craze that was endorsed by...

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...tations. All of these women in the film developed an eating disorder as children. One was even called “fat” by a medical professional. Medical professionals need to be careful when they use harsh terms such as “fat” with children. In the case of young Alisa, if her doctor and dietitian would have handled her case differently, she would had been less at risk of developing an eating disorder. This documentary is appropriate for all ages. I believe that eating disorders affect individuals of all ages and we all need to be aware of the quality of life and the consequences a person with an eating disorder deal with. Watching this documentary was rough, but it made me aware that we need to be careful on how we counsel individuals and even children. We as future medical professional, can be the difference between an individual having a positive or a negative self image.

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