A Brief Note On Street Patrol And Car Patrol Essays

A Brief Note On Street Patrol And Car Patrol Essays

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Our society today relies on many public service agencies/departments to fulfill the void for a need that one person desires. One of the most used and scrutinized public services today are police departments. Police Officers are the blankets of security for society, and for most individuals, they are who society turns to when difficult dilemma that requires attention. During this paper, I will focus the effectiveness of street patrol & car patrol method used by police officers and breakdown one of the theories that have led to these methods.
The "Broken Windows" Theory and Community Supervision states that:
One of the most influential theories in recent criminal justice literature is that of "broken windows. This theory, originally introduced in 1969, has been the subject of heated debate in all areas of law enforcement”. In an article in the Atlantic Monthly, James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling discussed a study of foot-patrol policing in Newark, New Jersey. Interestingly, although the presence or absence of officers on neighborhoods, citizens perceived they were safer-and that crime was lower-if they saw a cop on the beat. Wilson and Kelling argued that the perception of safety was in fact the result of our police officers performing an important function. Foot-patrols maintained a “surface” order in their neighborhoods. They silenced boisterous teenagers, moved loiterers along, and unusual activity. They provided a visible law enforcement presence. Before residents felt that presence, they were more likely to enforce the neighborhood’s “rules” themselves (McGinnis, 2003).
This brings up the proposition that many criminal justice experts discuss frequently. What method of policing is more effective, foot-patrol...

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...icer Gielink shared this information:
The department participates in a "buckle down" at a local restaurant to check for seat compliance. Which consist of those individuals who wear a seat belt get a coupon for free food at a local restaurant. Those who do not wear their seat belt receive information on seat belt safety. Officers with the Mentor on the Lake Police Department also have the opportunity to take part in "hero-days" at the local mall where officers sponsor a food and blanket drive (Gielink, 2016).
This in my opinion is a perfect example of the impact the foot-patrol method can have on community policing. Once police officers in various communities began communicating with individuals and identifying concerns and dilemmas facing the community, law enforcement would make a major stride and develop stronger community relations for years to come.

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