A Brief Note On Spyware And The Internet Essay

A Brief Note On Spyware And The Internet Essay

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There are many different ways in which hijackers get their information, but the most common is through the use of spyware. A spyware program is software that’s installed and collects information from a computer and sends it to a third party who then uses that information for personal gain (Newman and McNally, 2005). Moreover, a hacker can also obtain the information about a person if it is sent over an unsecured transmission. Fraudulent e-mails are another way identity thieves attempt to gather information about people, as they are becoming harder to detect (Newman and McNally, 2005). People are continuously being scammed into giving away money, and in some cases, their personal information which leads to identity theft.
With the emergence and evolvement of technology, there are far more personal data around for thieves to steal. Not only is there more personal data to steal, but there is more technology available to handle the storage and security of the data causing individuals to believe that their data is safe (Castell, 2013). Ironically, the same technological advancements make it easier for hackers to steal the data. The use of e-commerce has grown significantly causing somewhat of a concern about security and privacy. Despite those concerns, more people have access to internet and technology meaning that more personal information is available for identity thieves.
Individuals often think they’re safe from identity theft because they are very careful and responsible with their credit cards and other important information. However, computers and the internet can cause a security breach that the owner may more know about. For thieves, computers can be a treasure of personal information.
Governments Response and Legislation

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...onstructed immense benefits along with disadvantages. One of those disadvantages being the increased opportunities it provides to criminals in order to conduct criminal activity. Traditional crimes are being performed in a different setting, with different gears, and targeting different victims. Identity theft is a form of theft that may demolish a persons reputation and cause emotional and financial destruction, with long lasting effects. With more and more people conducting business practices online, more information is out there for people to steal. With the different kinds of identity theft, a victim’s personal information can be used in a number of harmful ways. As a result of the damaging undertakings that were performed by criminals, legislation was enacted in Canada and the United States allowing government officials to punish those who commit such a crime.

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