A Brief Note On Spike And Dynamic Triggering Essay

A Brief Note On Spike And Dynamic Triggering Essay

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4. Discussion
4.1. July seismicity spike and dynamic triggering
The month of July saw a large increase in seismicity beginning of the 15th and lasting for approximately 5 days. The amount of activity during this time was particularly anomalous, as the month and a half preceding it saw relatively low levels of seismicity. An average of 2.8 earthquakes per day was interrupted by jump to 111 earthquakes on 15 July. On the same day that the increase began in the central Southern Alps, Dusky Sound experienced a magnitude 7.8 earthquake (GeoNet 2009). While the spike in seismicity near the central Alpine Fault on the same day could be viewed as coincidental, it is more reasonable, in light of observations made on other fault systems around the world, that two events are related.

4.1.1. Dynamic triggering
Dynamic triggering takes place when radiating seismic waves impose transient stresses in the earth’s crust resulting in the nucleation of other earthquakes, sometimes hundreds of kilometres from the original source (Shelly et al. 2011; Freed 2005). As the stresses imposed are transient in nature, they generally do not leave long lasting changes in the stress field (Freed 2005). This leads to a few different ways that these imposed stresses can trigger earthquakes.
The first mechanism by which dynamic triggering can generate earthquakes is called clock advancing (Gomberg et al. 1997; Gomberg et al. 1998). In this situation, and earthquake already late into its cycle is essentially advanced further to a point in its cycle, beyond where normal tectonic loading would put it, where it is primed for rupture (Freed 2005). Rate and state friction laws also can play a key role in earthquake nucleation (Scholz 1998). Depending on the system a...

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...) so close to the fault trace.

5. Conclusions
The spike in seismicity in the region of the central Alpine Fault on 15 July 2009, more than mere coincidence, seems to be likely a result of dynamic triggering due to transient stresses imparted by seismic energy from the magnitude 7.3 Dusky Sound earthquake. However, due to the paucity of data between Fiordland and the SAMBA seismic array or any other corroborating data, this cannot be concluded with certainty.
For the entirety of the 5-month period under investigation in this report, seismicity was concentrated almost entirely within the hanging-wall occurring in 3 clusters. The elevated seismicity for mid-July as well as the slightly elevated background levels post-July are likely due to the flow-on effects from the dynamic trigging on 15 July 2009. The depth of which occurred within ~15 km of the seismogenic zone.

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