A Brief Note On Speeding Up Student Productivity Essay

A Brief Note On Speeding Up Student Productivity Essay

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Speeding Up Student Productivity
As a senior in high school, I know all too well the process of selecting the best college for my future education. There are many reasons why I picked the University of Colorado at Boulder. I knew that I wanted to go into business and Leeds School of Business has modified their curriculum to best match the current needs in the business world. Many future students, including myself, may not think about the issue of the quality of Wi-Fi speeds around campus, but as a concurrent enrollment student at Arapahoe Community College I have experienced how slow the Wi-Fi can affect my ability to work. In one of my classes the Wi-Fi was so slow that I couldn’t complete the task that was assigned to me, essentially wasting an entire class. I propose that the recent grant that ACC received goes towards improving Wi-Fi throughout Arapahoe Community College to increase productivity in students. Improving Wi-Fi service in a school environment has proven to increase student grades, and this will lead to an increase in student enrollment at ACC.

Increasing student productivity is essential for any college; any steps made to help students perform better is a pathway to success. As a current student at ACC, I have been affected first hand by the low quality of the current Wi-Fi that is provided in the classrooms. For instance, I will be assigned to gather research for a future paper, and we were given a large amount of class-time to gather as much research as possible, but it took around ten minutes for each individual website to load. This experience made me think poorly of ACC due to the waste of precious class time and how much money was lost due to the poorly allocated investment in the Wi-Fi at ACC. In the art...

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...o make the most of it." ACC is federally funded so another idea is to ask the government for additional funding or grants to increase current Wi-Fi speeds at ACC.

Wi-Fi is without question one of the most important necessities at ACC, and the current speeds are so slow that it makes working online an inconvenience. Students and faculty are affected on a daily basis, which doesn’t allow them to work at their highest potential. Improving the Wi-Fi will help increase the productivity of both students and faculty, and by doing so it is proven that student’s grades will go up. Student enrollment will also go up due to faster Wi-Fi speeds which in turn will increase the amount of revenue that the school will bring in. If the grant is used to increase the quality and speed of the Wi-Fi, it will be a long-term solution as the need for Wi-Fi is not going away anytime soon.

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