A Brief Note On Religion And Popular Culture Essay

A Brief Note On Religion And Popular Culture Essay

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Kayleigh Liu
Paper #1: Methods Reflection
HIS286J – Religion and Popular Culture
Culture is a way of life that allows a diverse group of people to interrelate with one another. It is usually passed down from one generation to the next by communication and imitation. The term itself has a set definition, but it normally relates to the behavior, beliefs, values, and symbols that are accepted by a group of people. Culture can also be used to describe the time period and events in history. In the sense of what was deemed as popular during a specific stage in time and its impact on the culture surrounding it. Micro-historian have been dissecting and interpreting the meaning of popular culture and the courses of action that lead up to the events. It should be known that oral and written history could be very subjective to those who wrote it. In a much similar fashion popular culture works the same way and its definition changes depending on the interests of the intellectual. The study of the popular culture in medieval and early-modern Europe gives us insight in which literature and new inventions lead to the following events that occurred during those times and it’s influences on the people.
The phrase: popular culture is not an objective category, is completely true based on the numerous amounts of biased texts from scholars, explorers and those on the outside looking in. A prime example of the bias nature in self-proclaimed elitists can be seen in English artist John White’s drawings in the 16th century. During this period of time, the new world has just begun gaining momentum and he was sent to serve as an artist. White is a colonist who is very fascinated by foreigners and was researching the Algonquian people. He began to descr...

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...the Judaic community with the rapid selling of in The Play of Sacrament , which tells a story of the sinful and malicious deeds committed by a Jewish merchant and his followers towards a Host, which represented the body of Jesus Christ. The elite are the ones promoting the popular culture throughout Europe and it trickles down to the common people. The importance of studying medieval and early-modern popular culture allows the future to analysis why things are considered popular and what is the cause of it to become so widespread.


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