Essay about A Brief Note On Rape And Rape Crimes

Essay about A Brief Note On Rape And Rape Crimes

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It’s a very real and sad state of affairs that there are still too many instances of rape and then victim blaming. Just a few years ago, one of the most notorious and shocking rape crimes made headlines out of Steubenville, Ohio in 2013. The local high school’s administration was accused of covering up the rape of a teenaged girl by at least two football players at a party while she was unconscious after being heavily intoxicated. As a minor she has had the advantage of not having her name revealed by the press, but she still had to deal with all of the terrible things that had happened to her on top of her sexual assault. Her assault had been photographed and filmed by the football players over a period of the six hours. That footage was then spread amongst her peers and she was then ridiculed online in the vilest ways possible. Sadly, her story is just one of too many examples that happen every day but there are many ways to gain knowledge to prevent and protect yourself should the situation call for it.
Sexual assault is such a problem that every two minutes there is another victim of this crime with almost 300,000 cases reported every year. Research by RAINN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network), states that most if not all of the victims are women and that most cases aren’t reported and 98% of rapists won’t even spend one day locked up in jail or prison. The reason so many rape crimes go unreported is because of the negative stigma that can follow the victims, having to relive the trauma through answering the investigator’s intrusive questions and giving testimony in court. When a woman is a victim of sexual assault and wants to press charges after notifying the authorities on her attack she is asked to undergo a rape ki...

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...ow about that is not easily acceptable. Please, refrain from hiding the spare key under your front-door welcome mat or a plant pot.
And finally, if you ever find yourself in a situation of being attacked after following all of those precautions use whatever tools you have at your disposal and make sure you know how to use those tools as a weapon. Short of your assailant having a gun there is always a way for you to defend and protect yourself. It is important for women to learn how to defend themselves to the best of their ability. If you want you to buy a gun make sure you first learn how to use one and take safety courses for it and obtain the proper certifications if need be. Learn about and take self-defense classes because no matter how tall, wide, or dangerous your assailant might be, there is always a way to use their own body and movements against them.

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