A Brief Note On Osha And Osha Compliance Officer Essay example

A Brief Note On Osha And Osha Compliance Officer Essay example

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Recordkeeping is very important aspect for any company to keep documentation of. OSHA requires that records of any accident that occurs within the facility be documented on an OSHA 300 and 300A and depending on the severity of accident may need to be reported directly to OSHA. “These accident records are a source of data for employers and employees regarding work-related hazards and the injuries they produce. This information can then be used to develop corrective action to prevent further injuries of the same type” (Ashby, 2001, p. 10). OSHA has set strict guidelines in record keeping and every company should have proper documentation to describe what happened, what the result was, and if the employee missed any work. These records should cover an entire year and should have every accident listed and posted in case the company had another visit by an OSHA compliance officer.
The beginning of this year, OSHA updated their recordkeeping rules and stated that if any of the following occurred, that OSHA would have to be notified: all work- related fatalities must be reported within eight hours of the accident, if an employee is admitted as inpatient to the hospital because of a work-related accident, if an employee has an amputation at work, or if loss of an eye occurs while working on company time (OSHA’s Recordkeeping Rule, 2015). If OSHA id not notified within the allotted time frame of the accident, then the employer can be subject to a huge fine for withholding pertinent, required information from OSHA. OSHA wants to be notified of the sever accidents, so they can come in and do a thorough site visit to determine what went wrong and what the company needs to do to fix the issue in oreder to ensure no other employee wi...

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...y accidents and illness related to the working conditions at the facility, and they need to properly identify what is causing these issues and record them properly. If the company does not investigate why employees are get sick, then how will the company know what needs to be changed or what needs to be done to prevent other employees from becoming ill? The company needs to be aware that every accident needs to be recorded and this should take place immediately. If the company does not understand what constitutes as a thorough accident investigation or who to record an accident, they can hire a safety professional full time or consult with a safety consulting firm. OSHA has set strict guidelines for accident recording, and Dynamic Duo, Inc. should be familiar with the rules in an effort to reduce and eliminate the safety hazards that are present within the facility.

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