A Brief Note On Muslims : The Last Prophet, Told By God Essay

A Brief Note On Muslims : The Last Prophet, Told By God Essay

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Muhammed Thesis Essay Best Effort
Muslims believe Muhammed to be the last prophet, told by God in the early 600s to spread Islam. Starting from his small hometown in Mecca, Muhammed eventually succeeded in popularizing Islam throughout the whole Arabian Peninsula. Muslims believe that he was chosen by God because he represented the simple traditional values of life that all humans should follow. Muhammed was a persuasive religious leader because of his family, his beliefs of equality with women, and his relationship with God.
Since Muhammed was orphaned at a very young age, he was constantly humbled and learned different lessons about life from many different family members. One important family member that influenced Muhammed in his childhood was his uncle Abu Talib (Wolfe, Kronemer, and Shwartz). Abu Talib acted as his main guardian and shaped him into becoming the man he was. Muhammed went to Abu Talib as a poor and weak orphaned boy who never had a male role model in his life and never really knew the true meaning of work. Although, Abu Talib took Muhammed in, even though Abu was poor, as his own and taught him how to work to survive. He took Muhammed with him everywhere he went and made him work to earn the things he got. For example, Muhammed learned how to gain trust from other merchants on his long voyages to Syria with his uncle. When Muhammed was home with his uncle he was taught how to be a shepherd but also on his journeys with his uncle he learned the key aspects of being a merchant. The lessons Muhammed learned about being a merchant were key because without these lessons he would have never gotten his first real job, working for his future wife Khadijah. Not only did Abu Talib teach Muhammed good work ethic, he ...

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...him into the town of Yathrib. Yathrib not only agreed to host Muhammed and his followers, but they also decreed that everyone in their town would adopt and protect all of Muhammed’s beliefs, in exchange for Muhammed’s word in keeping peace between Yathrib and their neighboring enemies. Eventually everyone in Yathrib converted to Islam and even renamed their town Medina, after Muhammed. Medina played an extremely important role in the spread of Islam because they were the first town and group of people to follow Muhammed and they influenced their neighboring trade towns to convert to Islam too. Despite the Meccans efforts to execute Muhammed and his beliefs, their town started to gradually convert to Islam like other towns and soon all the surrounding towns fully converted to Islam, leaving Islam as the most dominant religion around (Muhammed: Legacy of a Prophet).

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