A Brief Note On Medical Assisting Research Paper

A Brief Note On Medical Assisting Research Paper

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Medical Assisting Research Paper
I am here at ECPI in Medical Assisting because I want to accomplish my goals of working in the medical field and becoming successful at what I love to do. I haven’t always wanted to work in the medical field, I use to say I would never work in a hospital or a doctor’s office but right as I was about to graduate high school I decided that I wanted to work in the medial field because I learned that there was more to it than just doing surgery and dealing with death all the time. I started to look into different jobs in the medical field and I narrowed it down to three things, pathology, ultrasound technician, and a plastic surgeon assistant.
Job Search Website
I researched my top job choices and I came up with a couple of really useful job searching websites.
The first website I came upon was Indeed.com. It was very informational and as I read about it more in depth I learned that over 180 million people from 50 different countries visit it every month. Since 2004 it has gave millions of jobs out. Indeed.com can also help you post job o...

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