A Brief Note On Martin Luther King Jr, A Baptist Minister And Social Activist

A Brief Note On Martin Luther King Jr, A Baptist Minister And Social Activist

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Every child in school is always being asked this question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Replies usually are "A nurse, fire fighter, police, famous musician, etc." By the responses we see they want to be someone in life and we raise children thinking this way. Children grow up wanting to be successful and adults are intimidated by this word. But why? One word, yet so much discomposure. Definition of successful- having obtained wealth, position, honors, or the like of a result. The noun success origin 's in the 1530 's from Latin word "successus" meaning and advance, a coming up; a good result, happy outcome.
One important man comes in mind whenever I hear this word is Martin Luther King Jr; a Baptist minister and social activist who led the Civil Rights Movement in the US form mid 1950s. This honorable man was a leader, who was profoundly committed to achieving social justice through non violent protest. After he was assassinated this brought many attention to the nation and outrage by many people. His movement followed through and brought African Americans ...

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