A Brief Note On Journalism Feeds On Curiosity Essay

A Brief Note On Journalism Feeds On Curiosity Essay

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Journalism feeds on curiosity. Every news assignment becomes a crash course in an obscure subject. Every idea for a feature leads to twenty more questions and ten more stories. Journalism is a constant adventure — one week I am digging through public records to write a story on criminal justice reform, and the next week I am flying to Chile to interview education activists. It is an adventure I have wanted to pursue since kindergarten. While it could seem I have been stuck on the same career path for 16 years, I see each article as a new journey.
I am pursuing a career as an international political correspondent, in which I can serve the public by giving readers in both the U.S. and Europe insight into the complex political and economic issues facing our continents. I plan to undertake a Master in Public Affairs, specializing in International Relations with a specific concentration on EU policy and transatlantic relations, because the heart of journalism is not just in the writing or the editing — it is how well you know the topics on which you are reporting.
Although I have always felt a strong pull towards journalism, my interests are broad, and I have strived to constantly try new things during my undergraduate career. As a first-year, I jumped on the opportunity to intern with an education nonprofit in Ahmedabad, India. Three plane rides later, I found myself in a ramshackle school in Ahmedabad’s biggest slum, trying to teach fourth through tenth grade English with only a chalkboard. It did not take long for me to find a love for teaching, and the experience prompted me to volunteer as an ESL tutor back home. Yet even as I deliberately stepped away from journalism, I felt myself wanting to write about everything I witnessed in...

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...eau in a large European capital, such as London or Edinburgh, allowing me to utilize my reporting, leadership and managerial skills, and to continue fostering understanding between our two continents.
As a future international correspondent, the benefits of studying for my MPA at the Woodrow Wilson School are clear — I will further my knowledge in International Relations and public policy and, in turn, become better equipped to write about complex global issues. Journalists are perpetual students, constantly learning about our ever-evolving world. We are also public servants, informing an electorate with an immense need for valuable, accurate, and concise information. The first goal of any aspiring journalist should be to realize these two qualities within themselves, and I firmly believe that Princeton’s MPA program is the best possible place for me to do just that.

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