A Brief Note On Journalism And Its Effect On The Quality Of People 's Life

A Brief Note On Journalism And Its Effect On The Quality Of People 's Life

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XXIth century surprises the society with a huge number of changes which occur much more often that most people could expect. It may be said that there might be observed an enormous technology progress, which might be considered as a factor making life easier and more pleasant. However, the progress has an impact not only on the quality of people’s life, but also on their jobs. According to McNair (2009, p. 1), journalism is an expanding business. Journalists are one of that people who had to adjust to the XXIth century requirements to be still able to fulfil their responsibilities and commitments (Synge, 2010, p. 1). There is a range of skills and knowledge, which may be considered as crucial for the youth who would like to be journalists in the future.
Firstly, it was said (Synge, 2010, p. 4) that a person who would like to be a journalist needs to be curious about the world. Questioning, being noisy and trying to find satisfying answers may be considered to be a key in journalist industry. The profession itself seems to be concentrated on finding news and it might be considered to be obvious that the most successful journalists may be these ones who are simply sociable and keen on looking for interesting stories. It has been suggested (Holmes, Hadwin&Mottershead, 2013, p. 46) that it may be especially easy in 21th century, as student journalists may use social media to track people by their location and interests. According to The 21th Century Journalism Handbook (2013,p. 89), considering what readers want to know and see is crucial for choosing the best topic for an article.
Taking into account the XXIth century characteristics, it is not possible to deny that these days journalists might need to combine print and digital ...

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...that being a student journalist requires a complex of many skills and knowledge. However, the skills and knowledge are not only gained by studying. Some of them may be considered to be a part of the person’s character and interests. A number of them seem to be actually based on personal dedication and willing to achieve a goal that the person set themselves. On the other hand, a part of the requirements seem to be made possible to gain only by studying and practice. As it was stated in The 21th Century Journalism Handbook (2013, p. 216), both the roles and responsibilities of the journalist are changing. However, they are said to be rooted in some of the traditional journalist skills, which cannot be replaced or ignored. A student journalist is a person who is said to need a wide range of various skills which may lead them to be succeed as a 21th century journalist.

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