A Brief Note On Iq And Hard Work Essay

A Brief Note On Iq And Hard Work Essay

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I believe that IQ and hard work are both equally important. To be successful in this world, I believe that a person needs to be either intelligent or a hard worker. For centuries, people have been measured by how smart they are based on tests. From preschool to college graduation, students are being measured through standardized test categorizing them according to intelligence. There are many advantages to both, but I believe that with hard work and dedication a person can be just as successful as an intelligent person.
Growing up, I was always compared to my big sister. Everyone thought that she was my twin even though she was two years older than me. People use to joke that I just fell a grade or they just put her ahead because she was really smart. She never really had to study to make an A. On the other hand, I had to work really hard to make good grades. It did not matter how hard I studied, I always ended up an average B or C student. She cried when she made a B, and I was happy that I made a passing grade for how hard I studied. I use to envy my sister for being so knowledgeable. After I realized that I had to find what worked for me, I started to accept the struggles and challenges that I was faced with. She went off to college and received her degrees, and I was left with still trying to receive my first one. I did not understand why it was so easy for her when we both where brought up the same way. However, when I look back over my life, I am grateful for the struggles because I am a harder worker than she seems to be. I have had to work harder to prove myself. My resume speaks for itself. In contrast, my sister is still looking for a better job and a career that she could grow to love. Now she is looking at me saying t...

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...ery moment their mind cannot properly function or grasp the question that is being asked to them? I believe that an intelligent person might fail at this from time to time, but a person who has put in the hard work will never face this problem because he or she has prepared themselves and are ready for whatever question that is thrown at them. I believe that intelligence will help get the job, but once in the job it is important to work hard. The people that are considered for promotion are those who go above and beyond what is being asked of them. If you and another person does the same job, the difference that will be made between the two would be who does the best job, and that ultimately means who works the hardest and not who’s the smartest. In conclusion, I still believe that IQ and hard work are important, but the hardest worker will always come out on top.

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