A Brief Note On Infant And Child Development Essays

A Brief Note On Infant And Child Development Essays

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Infant and Child Development

Maternal, Infant, and Child Health are extremely important for a community because it allows our next generation of children to grow up in a healthy life style. It is important that when a woman knows she is pregnant she is able to take care of herself and the child inside her womb, by providing a safe environment for the them will help her and the baby throughout the pregnancy and early stages of childhood. The United States came out with a set of guidelines known as Health People 2020 to improve the health and well being of women, infants, children and families.
According to Health People 2020, improving the well being of mothers, infants and children is an extremely important public health goal for the United States. The well being of a mother is really important because it determines the health of our next generation and it can help predict the future health public challenges we may face. One important factor in preventing preterm labor and infant mortalities is focusing on the pregnant women’s health it will provide an opportunity to identify existing health risk and prevent future health problems for them and their children. The health risks affecting them can be, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, depression, genetic condition, STDs, unhealthy weight and more.
Infant and child health are influenced by socio demographic factors such as family income and the physical and mental health of the caregivers. Some examples of the social Determinants affecting maternal health include ethnicity, as well as family income, educational background, and health insurance coverage. Physical development of a child is influenced by the health and nutrition and behaviors of a mother during pregnancy and...

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...es States being a well-developed country has issues that we should all be concerned with such as the high percentage rate of infant mortality. This was surprising to me due to us having access to the doctor as well as all the organizations that support pregnant women. Therefor us being a country at the top of the list with the highest numbers, there is something we must do to lower that percentage. I learned that even though we have clinics, hospitals and programs, there are some individual who either can’t afford doctor visits or aren’t educated to go to programs that don’t typically charge. As well as how we as a developed country do not have a powerful solution to help this health related topic in our communities. We have set a goal and objectives on how to handle this problem but our numbers are still not good enough compared to other countries.

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