A Brief Note On Genocide And Its Effect On Society Essay

A Brief Note On Genocide And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Genocide is an extremity that accompanies the modernizing world that has been uncovered as the twenty-first century inches toward the twenty-second. Cambodia was unlucky enough to fall under the terror of their own personalized war on humanity. A purpose which was planned to be rooted in the quest for an equalitarian system, and thus purposefully attacked its own economy. All the while destroying any constructs they felt may lead to variety among the people, for there is safety in homogeneity. And thus culture was destroyed, whether that be in religion, music, or even in common family and friend relationships. Cambodia was stripped of its individuality through each and every citizen for the sake of uniformity. When such a conflict has finally come to an end it is undeniable that the process of rebuilding must commence. That reconstruction aimed toward all that was destroyed, the economy, all types of infrastructure, a sense of community among the people. It is the responsibility of the country as well as the developed outside world to aid in this process. Far too often foreigners invade with their own objectives disguised as good will. Cambodia has for years received aid that was either not able to meet it’s needs or not established long enough to make a difference. What is necessary is a certain personalized sort of aid, one that is specialized for Cambodia and determined in helping it to rise from the ashes of genocide.
Post conflict communities suffer from the pangs of a destroyed culture, people, and a deep sense of distrust among one another. Their ties with other countries have been cut, their country’s credibility reset to that of a child’s. And so must begin the process of rebuilding; rebuilding a sense of nationalism and...

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...se of community, and the importance of companionship toward their physical lives and toward their own health. With certain types of infrastructure comes the opportunity to make friends, make connections. Yet how does one encourage those relationships to build when it’s people have no sense of what friendship is or the steps in which to take in order to attain it. Most commonly theses relationships are built over common interests, but what more do the Khmer people have to be interested in since all but hard labor was taken from them. I do believe that the first step to building a sense of community is the bonding experience that arises from not being understood. And thus can only find comfort in those who experienced the same personalized sort of conflict, those are where it will be possible to rebuild social relationships which will in turn help build infrastructure.

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